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Looking for the top natural hair salon in the Apex area? Salon 93 is just the place for you!

As one one of the leading hair salons in the Apex NC area, it is our duty to provide nothing less than an unforgettable experience for each client. Whether it’s the high-quality natural haircuts or the cool hair cutting techniques that each one of our amazing stylists posses, Salon 93 has got you covered!

When it comes to styling a client’s hair, creativity is extremely important. No single haircut or application of hair color will look the same on any one of our clients! Due to our extensive consultation, building strong relationships is extremely critical in order to meet the needs and expectations of the clients. Acquiring the desired and personalized results for our clients keeps them coming back to experience the incredible mix of artistry and high-level technical skills!

Interested in adopting a new look this season?

Trying to find out where you can get one of those eye-catching haircuts before the new season approaches? Salon 93 is one of the more prominent hair salons in the Apex area There is a noticeable difference when a client receives one of our hair cuts. Our hairstylists know the importance of special care and providing support for different forms of textured hair. In order to keep the hair healthy and looking the best every day, using the recommended products or treatments for support is extremely crucial.

Each one of our sessions will be completely personalized for every one of our clients. After each appointment, our stylists will equip you with enough information on the importance of purchasing our recommended natural hair products to keep your cut looking fresh and brand new! Ignoring the maintenance for your hair and scalp, contrary to popular belief, can cause severe hair damage and even some hair loss. A good scalp treatment is essential to vigorous, shiny and smooth strands.

The journey of natural hair is a beautiful thing. It is very important to understand the three pillars in order to enhance your natural hair journey. The three pillars are – Foundation, Products, and Styling/Maintenance. Plenty of research for your particular hair texture, using the correct natural hair products and a good balance of the three pillars will make for the ultimate healthy natural hair.

Hair Salon Apex

Get to know our stylists!

We will take full advantage of our technical abilities to show you our cool artistic techniques each of our hair stylists possess. We want our guests to expect the best in personalized service and consultation.

At Salon 93, everyone of our stylists has their own cool techniques that they have mastered or considered a bit of a beginner in. We currently have four stylists – Maria, Theya, Emily & Katrina. Each one is equipped with their own specialities.

Theya uses a bit more of a creative approach. She includes plenty of fun and funky colors, while blending those with classic styles. Theya is always looking into better ways to rediscover new and improved  looks.

Our stylist Emily currently is an expert in balayage and ombre hair coloring techniques. Balayage, otherwise known as hair painting, is a technique stylists use to highlight hair and can be also used to create various looks. The lightener is painted on to establish a more tapered, organic looking effect from the end all the way to the root. The main purpose of the balayage technique is to blend and produce more of a variety of color.

Ombre hair is just a simple coloring effect. The end part of the hair generally looks a bit brighter compared to the other part of the hair. To reach this successfully, the lower part of the hair is bleached. For guests that want to avoid a brassy or orange kind of color, we usually recommend that clients request for that same part of the hair is dyed. This helps tremendously with evening out the shade of the ombre.

Lastly, our Salon 93 stylist, Katrina, is our specialist when it comes to enhancement of natural hair color with both highlights and lowlights. Katrina incorporates classic, current styles with incredibly smooth highlights or lowlights. Lowlights usually entail darkening strands of hair by using colors that are darker than the natural color of the hair, whereas highlights use various colors that are brighter than the natural tone of the hair.

Assigning each client with the correct stylists and technician is key for achieving the perfect match of artistry and technical excellence. Each one of our stylists are extremely passionate at making our clients feel classy and comfortable. Salon 93 aims to make sure guests feel right at home and extremely well taken care of. Whether they are looking into getting a new look  for the upcoming season or just interested in trying some of our new techniques, we got you covered.

So come in, relax, and experience one of the best hair salons in the Apex area!

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