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hair salon in cary nc

Salon 93 is a premier hair salon in Cary NC that demonstrates the perfect mix of creativity and technical ability!

We are a salon in the Cary, NC area, founded on expertise, passion, and on-going technique. Salon 93 is home to expert hairstylists that possess the artistic ability and professional qualifications to leave our clients feeling and looking amazing! We make it a point to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of all our guests.

We are passionate about bringing out the beauty you already have within. As Vidal Sassoon, world renowned British and American hairstylist, once said “hairdressers are a wonderful breed. You work one-on-one with another human being, with the objective of making them feel so much better and look at themselves with a twinkle in their eye.”

Interested in adopting a new look this summer?

Our hairstylists know the importance of special care and providing support for different forms of textured hair. In order to keep your hair healthy and looking the best, our stylists make carefully chosen recommendations, based on your unique needs, using specific products or treatments. Salon 93 focuses on three types of hair treatments: Organic Pure Care Blend Treatments, TruKeratin Treatment, and the Malibu Crystal Gel Treatment.

Organic Pure Care Blend Treatments

Organic Pure Care Blend Treatments really focus on the scalp. We have four blends of essential oils, all catered to each guests needs. Volumizing, Hydrating, Nourishing and Energizing. Volumizing caters to the guest who deals with excessive oil. Hydrating caters to the guest with dryness, itching and redness of the scalp. Nourishing is for our guests who deal with a combination of oily scalp and dry scalp and offers sebum regulation. Our Energizing Blend aids guests dealing with hair loss.

The TruKeratin Blowout

The TruKeratin is known by beauty experts, hair styles, and celebrities to create perfect, luxurious, conditioned, and radiant looks for any hair type. Our treatments are fully customizable, working with any hair type, to improve the condition of each hair. Get the shine you deserve. Book your TruKeratin at Salon 93 today.

Malibu Treatment

The original natural wellness treatment, is a patented vitamin complex that naturally primes hair to provide a crystal clear canvas for the hair to ensure brilliant services.

Hair salon in cary

cary nc hair salon

Waxing Services

Attention ladies! Whether it’s an eyebrow or a chin/lip service, there is a noticeable difference when a client receives a high-quality waxing. If the service is high quality, not only will their eyebrows have an incredibly smooth look, it will help balance out and compliment the other facial features. As a high caliber hair salon near Cary, our hairstylists are hands on and always offer extensive consultation with our guests on how they want their eyebrows to be shaped: full and defined, just cleaned up, or a large arch. We recommend that our guests, in order to maintain the shape of their eyebrows, book an appointment once every two weeks on average. The time needed, after each session, for growth varies for each client.

Now, quality facial services can be just as important. Professional facial waxing keeps any undesirable hair away for at least two to eight weeks. The time span will vary due to the fact that everyone’s hair growth is completely different. Salon 93 works with the best products, used by the top technicians in the Triangle. From the moment you walk into the door, our primary goal is to make sure you feel pampered and extremely well taken care of. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to get rid of that unwanted facial hair at the best hair salon in the Cary area.

salon in cary nc

Premium Hair Salon In Cary NC
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